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Dispensing and Adjustments


After we have customized your prescription, we will custom fit your eyewear so that they are the most comfortable pair of glasses you have ever owned. We also invite you in periodically for detailed cleanings and basic maintenance.

Adjustments and Measurements

Our friendly optical staff is always delighted to see you. With over 75 years of combined experience, we will ensure a custom fit every time. When life throws you a curve ball we can perform most adjustments and repairs in house.

Our state of the art digital Visi Office measuring system will ensure the best vision possible. With the use of this technology we are able to now dial in the measurements to one tenth of a millimeter. This is used specifically for no line bifocal wearers.

Although we do not believe that purchasing eyewear online is in anyway the best option for your eye health, we will verify that the prescription is correct and provide measurements and adjustments for a nominal fee.

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