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Success Stories


Meela’s Story

Meela struggled with reading and comprehension. She came to see Dr. Johnson because reading was a constant battle. She worked three times harder than her peers for her grades. She inverted letters and her writing was awful even after practicing.


Derek’s Story

Dr. Johnson suggested vision therapy as a means to improve my issues of headaches, concussion symptoms, and anxiety. I came to my first appointment with little hope, however I felt it was worth a try. I was experiencing eye pain and fatigue, constant migraines, light sensitivity, and bad anxiety.


Corrine’s Story

After my first appointment I felt relieved to know I “wasn’t losing my mind.” There were several issues that converged to create significant difficulty in reading that were solved with appropriate glasses and extensive therapy. It is felt that this began after a fall off a slide onto concrete when I was young and additional falls off of horses and a car accident all started to accumulate.


Kim’s Story

Dr. Steve Herman referred me to see Dr. Johnson for possible benefit of vision therapy. My daughter went through Vision Therapy and it was a huge success. I have vertical heterophoria (vertical misalignment of the eyes). Superior Eye is the ONLY one who knew what that was. Prisms were put into my glasses and I immediately stopped falling. I was sent to Vision Therapy and Dr. Heidi Johnson found my eye muscles and my focusing were weak and my eyes weren’t working together. Therapist Chris took on the challenge! She then challenged me at every appointment!

Michael P

Michael’s Story

“Michael had symptoms for quite some time. He did not understand what was happening to him and considered it part of the aging process. It was during a routine vision exam with Dr. Jessica Jackson that he found out what was happening with his vision and that vision therapy could reduce the symptoms. Michael was diagnosed with Convergence Insufficiency and Vertical Misalignment. Dr. Jackson prescribed a vertical neutralizing prism in his lenses which reduced the vertical double vision so vision therapy would be more successful.”

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Carley’s Story

“Vision therapy has helped me read better. It also helped me look at the person when they are talking so I understand what they are saying I love to read now. I can draw better too. I will miss you Miss Christy. Thank you!” — Love, Carley, Age 7 “A...
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Korbin’s Story

“I came to see Dr. Johnson because I couldn’t read or write very well. I needed help so that school would not be hard for me. Vision Therapy helped me and now I can’t wait for school. I used to be told I would never be anything but a “C”...
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Noah’s Story

Noah’s therapist, Christy, watched him blossom through Vision Therapy. She knew he would be successful, as his parents worked diligently with Noah – Age 9 – at home, making activities more challenging when needed. Noah’s interest in reading grew & he was thrilled to receive books from his favorite series,...
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Gracie’s Story

“I had trouble reading.“ — Gracie, Age 8 “I had trouble reading. Since Vision Therapy, I read better. My headaches were awful before Vision Therapy and now they are better.” – Gracie, Age 8...
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Charles’ Story

“Since I was a kid, I knew that something was wrong with my vision. Looking back at my childhood photos, my right eye would always look away from the camera. The world around me looked flat, and my depth perception was nonexistent. I didn’t even know what the term meant...
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Cora’s Story

“Dr. Macphee & my mom motivated me to seek Dr. Johnson & my grandma helped me get here and made sure I practiced. When I came to vision therapy, my reading was horrible. My focus was bad, going back and forth from my paper to the board. After Vision Therapy...
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Mason’s Story

“I could not read words right. Doing VT with Ms. Danielle helped me read. She helped me get good grades on my spelling tests. Because of VT, I now like to read chapter books by myself.” — Mason, Age 7 “We were referred to Dr. Johnson by a teacher. Miss...
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Destiny’s Story

“I had trouble reading before the therapy. I had to redo the 1st grade. Now I am at the top of my class and ready for 2nd grade.” — Destiny, Age 7 “We sought Dr. Johnson’s services because she was highly recommended, especially when working with children and special needs...
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Aubrey’s Story

“Before vision therapy it was hard to see. It was kinda hard to read. Once eye therapy started it got easier an easier. After therapy, I could see better and nothing was blurry. I like the vision therapy place a lot and Danielle was fun. Thank you for helping me!!!”...
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Maddison’s Story

“Maddison always had a hard time understanding what she was reading. I would have to read to her and then she would understand. To do homework after school would take hours and wouldn’t get anywhere. Now she comes home from school and does it without fighting or struggling. Maddison’s confidence...
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Isabelle’s Story

“My Eyes”by: Isabelle Green At first I couldn’t see……So I went to visit Dr. Johnson.My eyes didn’t work together and it made things hard to focus and follow.Reading was hard.Crafts and small projects were hard.Even sports were hard.Then I met Marjean for Vision Therapy!She helped me with my eyes.She is...
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Jordan’s Story

“I was having trouble with double vision and extremely bad headaches. It was negatively affecting my college schoolwork and studying, so I wanted to get help. I found out I suffered from Convergence insufficiency, meaning my eye muscles didn’t work together to focus on one point. I came to eye...
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Piper’s Story

“Piper – Age 8 – began Vision Therapy because she failed her 1st Grade vision test in her left eye. She was also struggling with reading & learning. Our family eye doctor suggested we go see Dr. Johnson. We discovered that Piper had strabismus & amblyopia of her left eye....
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Brien’s Story

“I had enough of seeing double when reading, so my mom took me to vision therapy and that’s where I started to improve. My first couple of weeks at Vision Therapy I knew that my eyes were going to come together and I was going to see one. Now I...
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Mary’s Story

“In July 2012, I was in a 4 wheeler accident and suffered a concussion. I took the appropriate time to recover and returned to the reality of work and family responsibilities. Within a month post-concussion it was obvious I was still having issues. My vision was “off” yet it was...
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Zachary’s Story

“Homework was hard and reading was tough. I liked the ball and pepper tramp activities. And also the pigeon and duck walk. Miss Chris made coming here fun and in return she has helped me enjoy school more.” — Zac, Age 9 “Zachary was struggling with reading and writing. His...
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Branden’s story

“Branden – Age 9 – was struggling in school. He couldn’t copy from the board or write out essay questions at school. He seemed to not understand directions even when he knew the material. He often got carsick and headaches when reading. Tests at school revealed Branden had very low...
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Dominic’s Story

“When I started second grade I noticed when I read it was blurry and the words were scrunched together. I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t read like my friends. I started to go to therapy with Chris. After going to therapy for a while I noticed a big difference. My...
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Madilynn’s Story

“My daughter needed her annual eye exam. I had heard good things about Dr. Johnson and the eye therapy program. My daughter was struggling in school with reading and visualization. Dr. Johnson suggested eye therapy. Madilynn has made great progress in school. Madilynn’s reading scores have gone up, her writing...
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Eastin’s Story

“Before I was at therapy, I had double vision and trouble reading and writing. Now I can read better, my memory is better, and it is easier to do homework. Thank you, Miss Marjean for helping me.” — Eastin, Age 9 “Eastin was struggling with reading and writing. He would...
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Mary’s Story

“I had seen Dr. Johnson for a few years for annual checkups. My overall vision had been declining-needing to wear glasses more often for reading, etc. But, particularly that the vision in my right eye was very poor. The right eye had always been my ‘lazy eye’. It would spasm...
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Camren’s Story

“When I went to eye therapy I was nervous that I was going to get glasses but afterwards, I was fine. That is when I felt I could do anything. Then I had to go every week for 33 weeks. I was made fun of, but I ignored them and...
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Brian’s Story

“I didn’t want to go but Mom and Dad made me…..I am very glad my mom and dad made me go because I have doubled my reading speed and have better control over my eyes.” — Brian, Age 13 “His teacher told us her was reading at a 6th grade...
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Samara’s Story

“The hard time seeing at school is what motivated me to start vision therapy. Noticing improvements in a short time motivated me to keep coming to the therapy sessions. I didn’t realize my vision was as bad as it was. As soon as I started, I realized not only that...
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Lukas’ Story

“I had trouble reading. I did therapy to get better. Before therapy reading was very hard, now it is getting easier.” — Lukas, Age 8 “We came to get Lukas’ eyes checked because I was concerned that his reading was so low and such a frustration. I was more concerned...
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Emma’s Story

“When I first started, I couldn’t see. But throughout the times I was at “eye tests”, I can see perfect now. That’s my story.” — Emma, Age 7 “Emma had been wearing glasses since she was 3 years old to help correct her turned in eye. The glasses did not...
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Alex’s Story

“I am able to catch and ride my bike better. I don’t get car sick any more.“ — Alex, Age 8 "My son’s reading skills were not at age appropriate level. He often skipped lines, lost his place or would jump ahead 2-3 words while reading. His reading skills did...
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Gaven’s Story

“Gaven’s attention span improved so much and he learned all his letters and numbers. VT has helped him so much it is amazing. The things he can do now that he couldn’t do before is also amazing. Even though we had to drive from Crystal Falls once a week for...
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William’s Story

“It was hard to read. My teacher told my mom and dad about Dr. Johnson. Vision therapy has helped me read better. It has taught me new words like “periphery.” I had fun during therapy with Miss Chris.” — Will, Age 8 “Will was recommended for testing by his 2nd...