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Vision Therapy

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Evaluation Process

vision therapy pic1You will have a comprehensive examination by Dr. Johnson which not only checks for acuity, eye health & prescription needs, but also binocular skills needed for near tasks and far tasks, how your eyes team together, and how efficiently your eyes coordinate with each other.

She may prescribe additional Occupational Therapy testing for visual function. Chris VandeZande, OTR/L, COVT may see them that same day or at a separate appointment to complete various one on one tests for oculomotor skills, visual motor, skills, visual perception skills, reading efficiency & comprehension and postural reflex testing found to be associated with vision disorders.

After testing is completed you will have a conference with Dr. Johnson to review the diagnoses, test results and treatment plan.

Therapy Process

When Vision Therapy is recommended, it typically involves weekly in office- therapy sessions supplemented by daily home activities. Therapy is a commitment both time & effort as well as financially. The length of the therapy is based on individual diagnoses & treatment goals. Progress evaluations are conducted by Dr. Johnson periodically to reassess the improvements achieved. Feedback is provided to her by the therapists regarding in-office participation and home activity compliance and a self assessment by the patient is completed prior to the exam.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Heidi Johnson, OD, FCOVD

Chris VandeZande, OTR/L, COVT

Christy Caudill, VT

Danielle Hughes, VT

  • Vision—how the brain and eyes work together– has a tremendous impact on the learning process for both children and adults.
  • Brain injury from a traumatic event like a concussion, or medical condition such as stroke or other neurological disease often impacts daily function.
  • Since we do not see with our “eyes”, but with our “visual brain”, the eye may be healthy but the visual symptoms persist.
  • If left untreated, a child’s vision problems can not only affect their learning, but can limit their career choices.

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