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Our Guarantee

We know you have options for where you purchase your glasses and contact lenses. At Superior Eye, we value your business. Please let us tell you why we should make your next pair of glasses and provide your contact lens supply.

Glasses are a custom product that must be designed for your needs. The communication between our Doctors and Opticians, their expertise in product knowledge and lens design and the experience of a professional frame stylist will result in “the best pair of glasses you have ever had”. In fact, you will love them so much you will want several pair to meet all your needs, from sun protection to computer/ extended near use.

Our glasses are warranted for 2 Years against frame or lens breakage and lenses can be replaced once for scratches in that time frame. Your happiness with our no-line bifocals designed with our premium digital technology is very important to us. If something isn’t right, we will work with you directly to resolve the issue! We will service all eyewear purchased from us for it’s lifetime. This includes unlimited free adjustments, cleanings and minor repairs.

If you have insurance benefits for glasses or contact lenses, we will be happy to bill them for you. We will do our best to know what they cover and what amount you will need to pay but ultimately, this is your responsibility. For our patients with VSP, please understand they require us to use the VSP contract laboratory for manufacturing your glasses. VSP sets all fees including those for any non-covered features so your out of pocket expenses are the same anywhere you go. UPHP, Medicaid or other government issue glasses also require contracted manufacturing and have limitations in selection and quality. We recommend you consider a private purchase and are happy to work within your budget to provide the best quality you can afford.

Here are our thoughts on the value of quality eyewear. Vision provides the main input to your brain; more than all the sensations from your muscles, joints, skin, organs, ears, nose and taste buds combined. Good vision keeps us safe, helps us learn and perform our daily tasks efficiently. When our brain receives accurate visual information, we have the best opportunity to be successful. Most people pay less than $1 a day for this at our office. Glasses are on our face everyday, helping portray an image or style more than any piece of jewelry or even hairstyle. There are many places to “cut costs” in your life, but quality eyewear should not be one of them. We promise to do our best to keep our costs low without sacrificing quality.

Online Purchasing

The FDA has concerns about the quality and accuracy of glasses and contact lenses purchased online. Yet, some have been tempted to make their purchase from a website. You may have the idea it will save you money. Most only make this mistake once.

Should you choose to order on-line, your vision is still our primary concern and our goal is to be sure you achieve the best vision possible wherever you chose to purchase your eyewear. We will take basic dispensing measurements (ie. PD) , verify the glasses once you receive them to ensure the lenses meet the American National Standards, and adjust them to fit. We have a fee for this service which is not part of your eye exam. The law supports us on this matter.

For our contact lens patients: Your contact lens prescription is valid for a one year supply of contacts after the completion of your contact lens examination/ fit with an expiration date of 1 year from you exam. You should understand that the health of your eyes and quality and comfort of vision is dependent upon your compliance with replacement and wear schedules. We find that patients are more compliant when they purchase an annual supply of contacts and pre-appoint their annual exam. There are no worries about running out of lenses or not getting a timely appointment.

In July of 2014 most contact lens manufacturer’s established new Unilateral Pricing Policies (link) which leveled the wholesale cost and established a required minimum retail price for lenses. Many also eliminated direct to consumer rebates in favor of this new lower pricing. This type of policy has been in place for years by many specialty sunglass manufacturers. What this means to the consumer is that in most cases, contact lenses are not cheaper online than in their doctor’s office.

Ways to Save

  • Share the Care – The more you refer, the more you save.
  • 50% off second pair lenses for eyeglasses
  • Special Promotions throughout the year
  • 20% off frame with purchase of eyeglasses and a year’s supply of contacts

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