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Success Stories

Carley’s Story

“Vision therapy has helped me read better. It also helped me look at the person when they are talking so I understand what they are saying I love to read now. I can draw better too.

I will miss you Miss Christy. Thank you!”

— Love, Carley, Age 7

carleyA new school year has just begun and Carley is doing great. She loves 2nd grade and can’t wait to show her new teacher how smart she is.

Thank you Dr. Johnson and Christy for changing Carley’s life. Without your help, we would still be struggling with the day to day things.

Thank you Christy for showing Carley how to overcome obstacles with a smile, always being so positive, and for being so dedicated to your job.

Thank you for giving me my little girl back, I will be forever grateful.

– Carley’s Mom, Tara

Korbin’s Story

“I came to see Dr. Johnson because I couldn’t read or write very well. I needed help so that school would not be hard for me. Vision Therapy helped me and now I can’t wait for school.

I used to be told I would never be anything but a “C” student and that I was a bad kid. Because of Miss Danielle, I will prove them wrong.

Thank you for helping me.”

— Korbin, Age 11


“I had noticed Korbin reading lines on a page more than once, so we brought him to a local doctor and was referred to Superior Vision Therapy for help. It changed our lives. I was told by teachers that Korbin was a “bad” kid and he would never succeed in school. No one there would help.

Then we came to Superior Vision and everything changed. Korbin finished his school year with A’s & B’s which they said he’d NEVER do. The joy in his eyes when he reads a page and understands now is amazing. He has a new drive and is ready to try school again.

At some points he was so frustrated, but the therapy sessions with Miss Danielle and therapy at home really helped him. I can’t thank Danielle and Chris enough for the patience and work they did to get Korbin to where he is now. We are excited for school for the first time EVER! Danielle and Chris are saviors/angels and deserve all the thanks I can give.

Superior Vision Therapy saved my son from not experiencing the education every child deserves. Thank You!”

– Korbin’s Mom, Dawn

Noah’s Story

Noah’s therapist, Christy, watched him blossom through Vision Therapy. She knew he would be successful, as his parents worked diligently with Noah – Age 9 – at home, making activities more challenging when needed.

Noah’s interest in reading grew & he was thrilled to receive books from his favorite series, Ranger in Time for his Graduation from VT.

My child had problems with reading & math at school. School started a learning plan and we noahtalked to our pediatrician who suggested us to see Dr. Johnson for symptoms of tracking and focusing difficulties.

Noah had trouble reading at his grade level and reading without a focus bookmark or using his finger to track. He was a grade level behind in reading. The Deibel’s test was below benchmark on everything. He was put in a special ed class. Noah had a hard time focusing in class, and doing homework correct the first time. The teachers would send work home to correct for a better grade, however he knew the answers when we worked with him one on one.

Today, after vision therapy, the grades are coming up from D’s & C’s to A’s & B’s. The special ed teacher is so impressed with Vision Therapy, she is recommending VT for other students. Noah is reading at his grade level at 83 WPM with 95-97% accuracy and with better fluency. Work is not being sent home anymore. He is getting A’s & B’s on the first try in class. His homeroom teacher is saying Noah is working with more confidence and even letting them know when fellow students were distracting him. He still has room to improve, but the good thing is, he is improving at a great rate. My wife and I are so happy with the progress and will continue the maintenance activities to help our child be a success in school.”

– Noah’s Dad, Aaron

Gracie’s Story

I had trouble reading.

— Gracie, Age 8

gracie“I had trouble reading.

Since Vision Therapy, I read better.

My headaches were awful before Vision Therapy and now they are better.”

– Gracie, Age 8

Charles’ Story

“Since I was a kid, I knew that something was wrong with my vision. Looking back at my childhood photos, my right eye would always look away from the camera. The world around me looked flat, and my depth perception was nonexistent. I didn’t even know what the term meant back then. My headaches were very frequent, and it’s always with eye strain.

Upon wearing my first prescription glasses at the age of 14, I was told I had a condition called Alternating Intermittent Exotropia. After dealing with it for my whole life, I’ve decided that I needed to go to therapy. I’m glad I’ve chosen Superior Eye Health & Vision Therapy Center for the therapy.”

— Charles

“By going to bi-monthly therapy sessions, my vision improved tremendously. For the first time ever the charlesworld around me is filled with depth. I started seeing depth within the first few months of therapy and it blew me away.

It’s like I’m seeing everything from a different perspective. I was already satisfied with what I’ve accomplished, but it didn’t stop there.

The headaches, blurry vision, and eye strain also disappeared. It’s almost nonexistent now. The more I use my vision the better it gets.

My therapist, Chris VandeZande, has helped me every step of the way, and I could not thank her enough for it.”

– Charles

Cora’s Story

“Dr. Macphee & my mom motivated me to seek Dr. Johnson & my grandma helped me get here and made sure I practiced. When I came to vision therapy, my reading was horrible. My focus was bad, going back and forth from my paper to the board.

After Vision Therapy my headaches were way better, they were barely coming back. And my focus is phenomenal. Miss Christy was amazing.”

— Cora, Age 7


“Cora had vision testing by her eye doctor & was referred to Dr. Johnson & her team for Vision Therapy to correct the problems of Headaches & Blurry Vision that could not be fixed with glasses.

Cora needed vision therapy to help her eye muscles learn to adjust between near & far as well as coordinate their movements. She wanted to reduce her headaches & to read more easily. She also hoped to improved in basketball.

After working diligently with the wonderful therapists at Superior Vision every week, she has met all of these goals & is rarely having headaches.”

– Cora’s Mom, Mary

Mason’s Story

“I could not read words right. Doing VT with Ms. Danielle helped me read. She helped me get good grades on my spelling tests.

Because of VT, I now like to read chapter books by myself.”

— Mason, Age 7


“We were referred to Dr. Johnson by a teacher. Miss Danielle & staff made our appointments worthwhile. She is passionate about her job and made traveling almost 2 hours one way easy to do each week for 8 months.

Starting 1st grade, Mason was not reading well and spelling tests were a struggle.

After just a few weeks with Ms. Danielle, things started becoming easier at school. One night I went into his room and he had picked a book out by himself and was reading it! That was a first! ♥

By the end of our sessions Mason was getting 100% on his weekly spelling tests! Thank you Ms. Danielle and the staff at SEHC!”

– Mason’s Mom, Becky


Danielle and Mason

Destiny’s Story

“I had trouble reading before the therapy.

I had to redo the 1st grade. Now I am at the top of my class and ready for 2nd grade.”

— Destiny, Age 7


“We sought Dr. Johnson’s services because she was highly recommended, especially when working with children and special needs children.

Destiny was falling behind, drastically in the 1st grade. We decided to have her eyesight checked to ensure it was not a vision issue, which it was. Destiny has a tracking problem causing her reading and comprehension skills to “tank.”

Amazingly, since her time at vision therapy, she has rocketed to the top of her class and advanced four reading levels, mastering 240 sight words. Her confidence in reading has blossomed and I owe it to Superior Vision Therapy and their dedication to her.”

– Destiny’s Mom, Rhonda

Aubrey’s Story

“Before vision therapy it was hard to see. It was kinda hard to read. Once eye therapy started it got easier an easier. After therapy, I could see better and nothing was blurry. I like the vision therapy place a lot and Danielle was fun. Thank you for helping me!!!”

— Aubrey, Age 7

aubreyEven after getting glasses and patching the strong eye to work her “lazy” eye for months, Aubrey was still struggling to read and couldn’t pass a simple eye exam at school.

Aubrey was 5 when she got her first pair of eye glasses and was diagnosed with a little bit of a lazy eye. Over a year later, after changing her prescription and patching her “good” eye to strengthen the weak eye, Aubrey still failed her basic eye exam and was struggling to read. We asked everyone we knew for suggestions. Any one who had experience with eye problems said “Go see Dr. Johnson in Marquette.” Something had to change, so we made the drive and are so happy we did!

The staff and Dr. Johnson at Superior Vision Therapy were great. Aubrey received a complete vision and eye exam. Everything was explained. I learned so much about the actual problems my daughter Aubrey was having. Aubrey loved her therapist, Danielle, and looked forward to her sessions. It took some time to get through the program, but was well worth it. Aubrey loves to read now and doesn’t struggle. Even her large motor skills and balance are better. We are so thankful for vision therapy.”

– Aubrey’s Mom, Brandy

Maddison’s Story

“Maddison always had a hard time understanding what she was reading. I would have to read to her and then she would understand. To do homework after school would take hours and wouldn’t get anywhere. Now she comes home from school and does it without fighting or struggling. Maddison’s confidence went from saying, “I can’t” to now, “I can.” She is excited to try new things.

A new school year is starting and she can’t wait to try new things. She is excited to try out for Volleyball & Cheerleading this year.

Maddison would have never been excited for school or spots before. She would always say she was dumb and stupid. Now this year she said she can’t wait to learn new things. I am so proud of her, she is like having a new child!!”

— Maddison’s Mom, Brenda

maddison“Maddison, age 13, was referred by Dr. Garrett for “Lazy Eye” and double vision. She had identified goals at her first vision therapy session to: 1)Improve reading comprehension, 2) Fewer headaches, 3)Better quality of schoolwork, 4) Improve vision in lazy eye, and 5) Smoother oral reading.

When I first started working with Maddison, she was shy and unsure of herself and not always aware how her vision affected her attention and concentration. Her Right eye would often float out when not attentive and it was difficult for her to converge or team her eyes together.

Now upon her graduation she was able to confidently say she met all her goals. She knows how keep her eyes aligned, demonstrating improved eye contact and her eyes now team together for all her academic related tasks. Complaints of headaches, double vision, car sickness, avoiding reading, clumsiness, and all reading related issues are all resolved according to Maddison. The most noticeable change I saw in Maddison was transforming from not being able to communicate her feelings or answer questions, to now displaying confidence and decision making.”

– Maddison’s Vision Therapist…..Chris, OTR/L, COVT

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