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Payment Policy

Need to make a payment?

One-Time Payment:

Please make sure you allow pop-ups in your browser when asked. If you have access to the account # you are paying for please add it into the comments window after you have entered in you card information.

Service you are paying for:

Wallet Transaction:

If you would like to keep your card information in the secured wallet section for future payments made easy please utilize this option!

Service you are paying for:


If you would like to make automatic payments to pay off your balance utilize this option!

ex. $20 every two weeks taken out on the 1st and the 15th of every month.

Service you are paying for:

Our payment policy here at Superior Eye is pretty straight forward, please pay for all materials before you pick them up. We do expect a payment on all orders to be made before we can get them started for you.

As a courtesy we bill your insurance’s for you, some insurance’s leave you with a copay or are applied to your deductible. We expect that you are aware of your insurance and if they do leave you with a balance that you will be take care of it within 30 days.

We do realize that some patients are on a fixed income and we are willing to make payment arrangements with you. This is done on an individual basis and is based upon your history here with us and your account being in good standing.

We do offer Care credit which can give you up to 12 months of payments without interest (if you qualify). This is a great way to get the materials you need and be able to spread the cost out, or even get a second pair!

Once payment of at least half down has been made, we will immediately get your order started for you!

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