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Meela’s Story

“Meela struggled with reading and comprehension. She came to see Dr. Johnson because reading was a constant battle. She worked three times harder than her peers for her grades. She inverted letters and her writing was awful even after practicing.”

Meela“Meela is a very bright girl who has a very strong work ethic. She would study and practice so hard to get her A’s and B’s in school. She got a “tracing” book for letters from her 3rd grade teacher to help with her sloppy writing. We did everything to help her. After 6 months of vision therapy she jumped two grade levels of reading and comprehension and is now such a confident reader. Her writing improved drastically. There is so much more she gained from her short time at vision therapy. She actually loves to read now and it is all thanks to Superior Eye, Miss Taylor, and Dr. Johnson. We could not have done it without Miss Taylor’s encouragement and knowledge combined with Meela’s hard work.”
– Meela’s (age 9) Mom, Angela

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