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Kim’s Story

“Dr. Steve Herman referred me to see Dr. Johnson for possible benefit of vision therapy. My daughter went through Vision Therapy and it was a huge success. I have vertical heterophoria (vertical misalignment of the eyes). Superior Eye is the ONLY one who knew what that was. Prisms were put into my glasses and I immediately stopped falling. I was sent to Vision Therapy and Dr. Heidi Johnson found my eye muscles and my focusing were weak and my eyes weren’t working together. Therapist Chris took on the challenge! She then challenged me at every appointment!”

KimSeemingly simple activities, but each one worked on a specific area and when we completed all the activities, on my graduation day she gave me a list of eye-strengthening activities to do at home! She was very thorough and all the work paid off.

My eyes are stronger than ever. I’m still doing some of the activities that weren’t on the list too. My vertigo has improved 10-fold and not one migraine since VT.​ I just love the staff at Superior Eye and Vision Therapy. Chris taught me how to control my double vision and that was like the “golden ticket” for me. I feel like I have the tools now to keep my vision in the best shape it can possibly be. Thank you Dr. Herman, Dr. Johnson, and VT Chris! You’re the best!

– Kim J.

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