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Carley’s Story

“Vision therapy has helped me read better. It also helped me look at the person when they are talking so I understand what they are saying I love to read now. I can draw better too.

I will miss you Miss Christy. Thank you!”

— Love, Carley, Age 7

carleyA new school year has just begun and Carley is doing great. She loves 2nd grade and can’t wait to show her new teacher how smart she is.

Thank you Dr. Johnson and Christy for changing Carley’s life. Without your help, we would still be struggling with the day to day things.

Thank you Christy for showing Carley how to overcome obstacles with a smile, always being so positive, and for being so dedicated to your job.

Thank you for giving me my little girl back, I will be forever grateful.

– Carley’s Mom, Tara

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