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Korbin’s Story

“I came to see Dr. Johnson because I couldn’t read or write very well. I needed help so that school would not be hard for me. Vision Therapy helped me and now I can’t wait for school.

I used to be told I would never be anything but a “C” student and that I was a bad kid. Because of Miss Danielle, I will prove them wrong.

Thank you for helping me.”

— Korbin, Age 11


“I had noticed Korbin reading lines on a page more than once, so we brought him to a local doctor and was referred to Superior Vision Therapy for help. It changed our lives. I was told by teachers that Korbin was a “bad” kid and he would never succeed in school. No one there would help.

Then we came to Superior Vision and everything changed. Korbin finished his school year with A’s & B’s which they said he’d NEVER do. The joy in his eyes when he reads a page and understands now is amazing. He has a new drive and is ready to try school again.

At some points he was so frustrated, but the therapy sessions with Miss Danielle and therapy at home really helped him. I can’t thank Danielle and Chris enough for the patience and work they did to get Korbin to where he is now. We are excited for school for the first time EVER! Danielle and Chris are saviors/angels and deserve all the thanks I can give.

Superior Vision Therapy saved my son from not experiencing the education every child deserves. Thank You!”

– Korbin’s Mom, Dawn