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Back to School Promotion


Parents, are your children ready to succeed in the new school year?

One of the most important things to cross off your checklist is to schedule a comprehensive eye exam at Superior Eye Health Center for your school-age children! Even if your kids don’t wear glasses, a yearly eye exam is important to rule out any troubles with learning that could be vision related.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Johnson or Dr. Jackson (formally Hartwig) today!

Get in before the school year starts.

Back to School package available now through October 31st:

  • Frame*
  • Poly carbonate or Trivex Lenses
  • Scratch resistant Coating Treatment

and your choice of Complementary

    • Transitions (color changing lenses)


  • BluTech Lenses
  • 1 year Warrenty

*Additional cost may apply if frame is outside of package

$199 total

unity with blutech vsp opti 284×300

Make sure your child is protected at home and in school.

You worry about how all that screen time is affecting your child. That worry is well placed. Blue light from everyday devices-tablet and phones- may cause eyestrain, headaches and even sleep disorders.

What is Blue light?

Unlike UV, which is filtered by the cornea and crystalline lens, blue light is the highest enery light that actually makes it to the back of the eye. Our eyes have no natural protection in our younger years.

Where does blue light come from?

You may encountrer blue light in everyday activities. Fluorescent lighting, electronic screens(phones, tablets, computers, TVs etc.), and the sun emit damaging high-energy blue light.

Is there good blue light?

Not at night. According to Harvard researchers, even dim light can interfere with a person’s circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion. “A level of brightness of about twice that of a night light has an effect.”

BluTech Protection. Perfected.

BluTech Lenses uses a patented formula to filter more of the blue light known to be associated with visual strain, macular damage and sleeplessness without distorting color. BluTech protection is infused into the lens. It’s not a tint or coating and won’t wear off or fade.


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