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Cora’s Story

“Dr. Macphee & my mom motivated me to seek Dr. Johnson & my grandma helped me get here and made sure I practiced. When I came to vision therapy, my reading was horrible. My focus was bad, going back and forth from my paper to the board.

After Vision Therapy my headaches were way better, they were barely coming back. And my focus is phenomenal. Miss Christy was amazing.”

— Cora, Age 7


“Cora had vision testing by her eye doctor & was referred to Dr. Johnson & her team for Vision Therapy to correct the problems of Headaches & Blurry Vision that could not be fixed with glasses.

Cora needed vision therapy to help her eye muscles learn to adjust between near & far as well as coordinate their movements. She wanted to reduce her headaches & to read more easily. She also hoped to improved in basketball.

After working diligently with the wonderful therapists at Superior Vision every week, she has met all of these goals & is rarely having headaches.”

– Cora’s Mom, Mary

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