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Mason’s Story

“I could not read words right. Doing VT with Ms. Danielle helped me read. She helped me get good grades on my spelling tests.

Because of VT, I now like to read chapter books by myself.”

— Mason, Age 7


“We were referred to Dr. Johnson by a teacher. Miss Danielle & staff made our appointments worthwhile. She is passionate about her job and made traveling almost 2 hours one way easy to do each week for 8 months.

Starting 1st grade, Mason was not reading well and spelling tests were a struggle.

After just a few weeks with Ms. Danielle, things started becoming easier at school. One night I went into his room and he had picked a book out by himself and was reading it! That was a first! ♥

By the end of our sessions Mason was getting 100% on his weekly spelling tests! Thank you Ms. Danielle and the staff at SEHC!”

– Mason’s Mom, Becky


Danielle and Mason

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