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Aubrey’s Story

“Before vision therapy it was hard to see. It was kinda hard to read. Once eye therapy started it got easier an easier. After therapy, I could see better and nothing was blurry. I like the vision therapy place a lot and Danielle was fun. Thank you for helping me!!!”

— Aubrey, Age 7

aubreyEven after getting glasses and patching the strong eye to work her “lazy” eye for months, Aubrey was still struggling to read and couldn’t pass a simple eye exam at school.

Aubrey was 5 when she got her first pair of eye glasses and was diagnosed with a little bit of a lazy eye. Over a year later, after changing her prescription and patching her “good” eye to strengthen the weak eye, Aubrey still failed her basic eye exam and was struggling to read. We asked everyone we knew for suggestions. Any one who had experience with eye problems said “Go see Dr. Johnson in Marquette.” Something had to change, so we made the drive and are so happy we did!

The staff and Dr. Johnson at Superior Vision Therapy were great. Aubrey received a complete vision and eye exam. Everything was explained. I learned so much about the actual problems my daughter Aubrey was having. Aubrey loved her therapist, Danielle, and looked forward to her sessions. It took some time to get through the program, but was well worth it. Aubrey loves to read now and doesn’t struggle. Even her large motor skills and balance are better. We are so thankful for vision therapy.”

– Aubrey’s Mom, Brandy