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Maddison’s Story

“Maddison always had a hard time understanding what she was reading. I would have to read to her and then she would understand. To do homework after school would take hours and wouldn’t get anywhere. Now she comes home from school and does it without fighting or struggling. Maddison’s confidence went from saying, “I can’t” to now, “I can.” She is excited to try new things.

A new school year is starting and she can’t wait to try new things. She is excited to try out for Volleyball & Cheerleading this year.

Maddison would have never been excited for school or spots before. She would always say she was dumb and stupid. Now this year she said she can’t wait to learn new things. I am so proud of her, she is like having a new child!!”

— Maddison’s Mom, Brenda

maddison“Maddison, age 13, was referred by Dr. Garrett for “Lazy Eye” and double vision. She had identified goals at her first vision therapy session to: 1)Improve reading comprehension, 2) Fewer headaches, 3)Better quality of schoolwork, 4) Improve vision in lazy eye, and 5) Smoother oral reading.

When I first started working with Maddison, she was shy and unsure of herself and not always aware how her vision affected her attention and concentration. Her Right eye would often float out when not attentive and it was difficult for her to converge or team her eyes together.

Now upon her graduation she was able to confidently say she met all her goals. She knows how keep her eyes aligned, demonstrating improved eye contact and her eyes now team together for all her academic related tasks. Complaints of headaches, double vision, car sickness, avoiding reading, clumsiness, and all reading related issues are all resolved according to Maddison. The most noticeable change I saw in Maddison was transforming from not being able to communicate her feelings or answer questions, to now displaying confidence and decision making.”

– Maddison’s Vision Therapist…..Chris, OTR/L, COVT

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