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Jordan’s Story

“I was having trouble with double vision and extremely bad headaches. It was negatively affecting my college schoolwork and studying, so I wanted to get help. I found out I suffered from Convergence insufficiency, meaning my eye muscles didn’t work together to focus on one point. I came to eye therapy in the hopes that they could help my eyes learn to work together and make schoolwork easier for me. The work the therapists and I put in absolutely paid off! I no longer have the problems I did before and studying is much, much easier and more comfortable now!!”

— Jordan, Age 19


Jordan sought Dr. Johnson’s evaluation and services because she was having frequent headaches as well as blurry and double vision.

During her evaluation, although functionally successful on multiple tests, the tests were quite fatiguing and frustrating for Jordan, a typical response she found with most of her reading tasks as an NMU student and in her daily life.

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