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Piper’s Story

“Piper – Age 8 – began Vision Therapy because she failed her 1st Grade vision test in her left eye. She was also struggling with reading & learning. Our family eye doctor suggested we go see Dr. Johnson. We discovered that Piper had strabismus & amblyopia of her left eye. We decided therapy would be a good place to start.”

— Piper’s Mom, Kiki


“Therapy started off great, but got hard to maintain, we kept going and fought hard until the end. Piper has started to read for fun. She has become a better athlete, going from an “OK” hitter in softball to an excellent player and one of the best hitters on her team. She has depth perception now, when we first started therapy she had none.

We have more improvements to be made in learning to turn Piper into an excellent student using all the tools we have been given. I’m so thankful for Dr. Johnson, Miss Christy and the all the Staff at Superior Eye Health.”

– Piper’s Mom, Kiki

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