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Mary’s Story

“In July 2012, I was in a 4 wheeler accident and suffered a concussion. I took the appropriate time to recover and returned to the reality of work and family responsibilities. Within a month post-concussion it was obvious I was still having issues. My vision was “off” yet it was hard to describe to others how I now saw the world. It was not double-vision exactly, but nothing looked normal and my vision bounced all over. Reading was very difficult, since the words on the page would not stay in their designated rows. My reading comprehension and retention was not what it was before the accident. My depth perception was compromised and affected my driving, walking, and other everyday activities. Don’t misunderstand, I was still functioning and fulfilling all the same responsibilities I had prior to the accident. I just had to adjust and function with a new “normal.” It was very frustrating and tiring.”

— Mary, Age 43


“Throughout my journey, I saw a doctor in the emergency room, a follow-up doctor who cleared me to return to driving and work, my family care physician, and finally a neurologist. All worked hard to address my issues and hopes for a full recovery. Through a process of elimination, and the astuteness of my neurologist, I was referred to Dr. Johnson. In one evaluation she was able to identify what was happening with my vision. My vision problems were a direct result of my brain injury and I needed to retrain my brain! Rest and recovery had done their part in the healing process; my final recovery required vision therapy.

I attended weekly therapy sessions and completed daily therapy exercises for approximately 10 months. I started seeing improvements within the first few weeks and that motivated me to keep going. Once things got rolling, it seemed that every week I had a new milestone to share with my therapist, Chris. As my vision improved, my concentration and reading retention improved. I stuck with it until I finally graduated! I cannot imagine living with my vision the way it was, and am grateful vision therapy is available in Marquette. I would recommend Superior Eye Health to anyone with a vision or brain issue. You’ll be amazed at your success!”

– Mary, Age 43

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