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Zachary’s Story

“Homework was hard and reading was tough. I liked the ball and pepper tramp activities. And also the pigeon and duck walk.

Miss Chris made coming here fun and in return she has helped me enjoy school more.”

— Zac, Age 9

Zachary was struggling with reading and writing. His numbers and letters would be backwards and he was confusing sounds like B and D when reading. When Zachary was in 1st and 2nd grade we would sit down and do a minimum of two hours of homework per night, every night. He would constantly be erasing because he was writing his numbers and letters backward. He was failing spelling and wasn’t comprehending what he was reading. In return he would get frustrated and many times he ended up in tears. This broke my heart, no mother wants to see their child struggle.zachary

I took him to the eye doctor and they referred us to Superior Eye Health, where Dr. Heidi Johnson diagnosed him with Ocular Motor Dysfunction. His reflexes were slow, his depth perception was off, and his reading was below grade level. We decided to put him in therapy in the hopes that he would learn to recognize his letters correctly.

It has been a year now of long trips back and forth to Marquette and a lot of hard work every night with his eye activities, even though we tried to make them fun. Some days it was very overwhelming for him but he is now at a 3rd grade reading level, his spelling has improved and so has his depth perception and handwriting skills. I am so proud of him for how far he has come and not giving up. It’s a wonderful feeling to sit down and be able to do homework without struggling or to watch him read a book to his sisters for fun!

I’m so thankful to Dr. Johnson and Chris for giving my son the skills he needs to succeed in school and in life. Thank you.”

– Zac’s Mom, Samantha

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