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Mary’s Story

“I had seen Dr. Johnson for a few years for annual checkups. My overall vision had been declining-needing to wear glasses more often for reading, etc. But, particularly that the vision in my right eye was very poor. The right eye had always been my ‘lazy eye’. It would spasm and cross in when I was tired. This had started when I was a child. Dr. Johnson explained that my brain had been compensating for the poor and sometimes confusing images from my right eye, all my life. Since both eyes were not working together, my depth perception was almost nonexistent. And, since the vision in the right eye was declining, I was wondering how much my brain was depending solely on my left eye. Dr. Johnson recommended a book I might be interested in called, “Fixing My Gaze” by Susan Barry. I read it and could relate to many of the problems and situations that Susan Barry had experienced in her life, and wondered if vision therapy could help me improve my vision.”

— Mary

“I started working with vision therapist, Chris Erbisch four months ago. I worked with her once a week for an hour, and then was given exercises to do at home. I began to notice changes. I could control better what my right eye was doing. The spasm is almost nonexistent, and my brain no longer shuts off the images from my right eye. My depth perception has improved. I feel much more confident in my driving, being able to judge distances and speeds of other vehicles. I am an avid bicyclist and runner. Obstacles on the trails and roads, such as roots, rocks and holes seem to stand out and be more noticeable to me. As a result, given me more confidence in where my feet are landing and the tires are rolling. For the first time, I was able to see and appreciate a presentation of 3D slides from the 1800’s-1920’s. Vision Therapy has taught me that there are many aspects of my vision that I have control over. I am so excited over the progress I have made so far. I have been given the tools to improve. It has literally opened up a whole new world for me.”

– Mary, Age 59