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Brian’s Story

“I didn’t want to go but Mom and Dad made me…..
I am very glad my mom and dad made me go because I have doubled my reading speed and have better control over my eyes.”

— Brian, Age 13


“His teacher told us her was reading at a 6th grade level in 7th grade. He would begin his homework at 3:30 when he got home from school and still not be done at 10:00 at night. Since we already had his brother in Vision Therapy we decided to have Brian tested as well.

We were very impressed with the amount of information we received from the testing process. The testing verified that his reading was slower than average due to convergence issues, fixating too long on a word and too many regressions. The therapy sessions were very challenging yet fun. They were very helpful in describing the exercises to be done at home. In the end, Brian’s reading speed is now up to the 7th grade level. Many of the original test scores have now doubled or are better. He does not spend his entire evening doing homework anymore. We are very pleased with his progress.”

– Brian’s Mom, Cindy

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