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Alex’s Story

I am able to catch and ride my bike better. I don’t get car sick any more.

— Alex, Age 8

alex"My son’s reading skills were not at age appropriate level. He often skipped lines, lost his place or would jump ahead 2-3 words while reading. His reading skills did not match his vocabulary. I know that all successes in life have some (visual) reading involved. His penmanship, writing and drawing were also below age level.

He had many other problems that I had no idea were related to his eyes. He couldn’t consistently catch, couldn’t ride a bike and was frequently car sick. I begged for a pair of glasses; he’s only so cooperative. But I had to make the trek to Marquette and do all these therapy sessions. It was like making a child practice piano!! As I sat in the waiting room reading the testimonials, I was struck by the consistent comment, “my child’s behavior improved.” Well, if anyone needed behavior modification, it would be my son!

I never thought eye therapy would help my kid behave better. But…it did! We were getting ready to explore counseling and anger management, we had loosely talked about it for years. Sometime, mid stream, during therapy, his behavior markedly improved. Chris did lots of “counseling” and psychology along with VT. I entered into VT as a hopeful and left a firm believer! VT has changed Alex’s behavior and his reading skills will now compliment his vocabulary and intelligence."

– Alex’s Mom, Kim